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Help for Victims

When bad things happen, the Attorney General’s office offers help to victims in North Carolina.
The Address Confidentiality Program helps victims keep their address safe from abusers. The program gives anonymity to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.
Seniors in nursing homes and their loved ones can report suspected elder abuse or fraud at any facilities that get Medicaid funds, and loved ones can also take steps to protect the finances of incapacitated adults.

Under North Carolina law, crime victims are supposed to be the first in line for payment when criminals pay restitution to the court. If a criminal who harmed you owes you restitution, our Public Protection Section may be able to help.
Victims of consumer rip-offs can get assistance from the Attorney General’s consumer specialists. The specialists know the law and know how to help.
The same goes for identity theft victims who want to get their good names and their financial security back.
Victims of crime can learn more about the criminal appeals process and the Crime Victims' Bill of Rights.